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The OpenAthens link for UpToDate has been withdrawn

This is to encourage UpToDate users to register for UpToDate Anywhere:

  • An enhanced mobility strategy for organisations
    Access UpToDate Mobile Apps can be used on most mobile devices.
  • CME/CE/CPD credits accrued onsite or remotely.
    If you log in you will accrue credit when researching a clinical question using UpToDate Anywhere, either on-site or via a mobile device.

How to register

Register Now for the UpToDate mobile app:

  1. Go to the Library Page of the Trust Intranet (Trust computers only).
  2. Click on the UpToDate Anywhere icon.
  3. On the UpToDate page, go to Log In / Register on the Welcome line, top right hand corner.
  4. Fill in the interactive form.
  5. Check your e-mails for an e-mail from UpToDate > Follow the instructions to download the app.

If you need urgent access to UpToDate off-site, then please go to https://www.uptodate.com/home and log in with an NHS Athens account

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