Request Services

Request Services

If a journal is not available either online or in the Library, you can apply to get an article through our Interlibrary Loans Service.  Request forms are available from the library or via the forms below.  There is no charge for journal articles obtained from NHS libraries. Articles obtained from other libraries or universities are charged at £3.00 each. Searches for more obscure material cost the library more than £5.00 per item and this charge will be passed on.  Requests may be made via our interactive form (link below), by using our SWiFT Search or in person during staffed hours. Article requests take between 1-3 working days to fulfil.

Photocopy Requests

journalpagesPlease fill in the form below or either hand in to the library during staffed hours  if you are on-site, or else e-mail, fax or post it to us (our fax number is 01926 608087). Article requests take between 1 – 4 working days to fulfill and are usually supplied as photocopies or PDFs.

Pre-paid articles can be e-mailed directly to the requester.

Loan Requests

Loan pic

If a book is not available in any of the Consortium libraries you can apply to borrow it through our Interlibrary Loans Service.  Requests may be made via our interactive form (link below) or in person during staffed hours.  Book requests will take longer than article requests to fulfil.  There is a charge of £7.00 for this service.



Please read these helpful instructions before submitting a photocopy request or a loan request.


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