Registration Form – Student

IMPORTANT NOTE:  DO NOT fill in if you have registered at this library before.

    Once submitted and Library Staff have inputted your details, you will need to collect your library membership card from the Library Office and sign the registration form. Thank you







    Will this be your only placement here? (if tick NO, please fill in date of the final end of course)



    Library Members agree to abide by the following as a condition of membership. Please read the following library regulation before signing below:

    1. Loans may be kept for 4 weeks unless specified. Eight loan items are permitted per user at any one time.
    2. Loans may be renewed, on request, twice unless another user has reserved the item. To renew items call (01926) 495321 ext. 4287 (24 hour) or fax: (01926) 608087. Loans may be reissued for further periods after being seen by library staff.
    3. Fines are charged for overdue materials at rates displayed within the library and on the library website. Borrowing privileges may be revoked for members who persistently do not pay fines.
    4. Members are required to pay for any lost or unreturned items.
    5. Members will be held responsible for any damage caused to items whilst in their possession.
    6. Users must observe the rules for computer use. Computers should be shut down when not in use.
    7. Internet use within the library is provided primarily for educational, research and clinical purposes and this will take priority over any personal and leisure usage. All users must observe trust Internet Usage Policy when using library computers. Anyone found to be accessing sites that may bring the Trust into disrepute will be reported as appropriate and may have their library privileges revoked.
    8. Any unauthorised removal of items of stock from the library will result in loss of library privileges.
    9. Copyright legislation must not be infringed when photocopying material.
    10. Please consider electrical equipment, library materials and other library users if you need to consume food and drink in the library.
    11. Please be considerate when using mobile phones and music listening devises in the library. Bleeps and mobile phones should be answered and calls made outside.
    12. Please respect that the library is a quiet work area used for study and research purposes.

    The information on this form will be kept on databases registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not be divulged.

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