Keeping up to date



Electronic Tables of Contents (eToCs) send email alerts from your chosen journals or literature searches straight to your desktop as soon as new content goes online. Many journal websites have these available – go to the website for the journal you are interested in. Alerts can be set up on Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (HDAS):, and on EbscoHost databases: go to Saving Searches & Setting up Searches on EbscoHost, below, on this page. You will need an NHS Athens password to read articles full text. Learn how to set up eToCs by contacting the library.

emailalertSearch alerts can be set up on NHS Evidence. Go to NHS Evidence>My Evidence.

Email alerts and RSS feeds are used to publish frequently updated information.  Many medical resources use these to keep readers up to date. Look for links on your favourite web sites and sign up to be alerted about updates.


Saving Searches & Setting up Alerts on EbscoHost 


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