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Exam Books

The Education Centre Library contains a range of exam books.  Below are listed a selection of the websites that provide exam resources for UK based medical examinations. It does not aim to be a comprehensive list.

PassMed is a free website devoted to UK medical school exam revision created by a group of currently working junior doctors. The intention is to provide resources that might be frustrating to find or difficult to decipher in traditional textbooks.  It includes notes on study skills, revision, history taking and clinical skills.  The website is also available as an App.

Revise MRCP                              
Free resource that contains over 5000 questions provided in the same format as the MRCP exam both parts 1 and 2. The majority of our questions directly reflect questions that have appeared in previous MRCP exams with new questions added frequently.  The “My Progress” function allows you to monitor how you are doing and identify strengths and weaknesses.  Also contains past papers going back to September 2010.

There are 100 free sample interactive MCQs for MRCP Part 1 modelled on past years questions.  The full site which is available at a charge contains over 3,500 MCQs with the ability to track your progress and notes on topics covered in the MRCP part 1.

This large is produced by BMJ Publishing Group and is available at a range of costs depending upon duration of access.  The resources are of high quality and relevance including recent exam themes, are aligned to your curriculum, written at the correct difficulty level, and include questions in areas identified as being poorly performing at recent exam sittings.

Questions are written by practising doctors providing quality, relevant questions and teaching notes. As well as concentrating on quality content much effort is put in to developing innovative features such as customised revision notes and a regularly updated histogram to compare your performance to other candidates. Cost varies according to the type of exam with a free demo available.
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