Copying material (not covered by the NHS licence)

For copies of material owned by the NHS, including articles supplied by the library from other NHS libraries the NHS Copyright conditions apply. For material copied from the Internet or supplied by a non-NHS library, the following conditions apply.

Copies must be for research or private study only. “Copying” includes copies you make for yourself or those made for, or supplied to you, by library staff.

Research use

The law allows copies to be made only for the purposes of “research or private study”. This excludes copying for commercial exploitation.

  • “Research” covers any type of research, including that undertaken for commercial or industrial purposes
  • “Private study” excludes use in a group, class or seminar context
How much can be copied?
  • Journals – only one article may be copied from any single issue or supplement, this could include the discussion which follows some articles
  • Books – no more than a single chapter, or 5% of the total work, whichever is less
  • Pamphlets – for pamphlets, short books or reports, you can copy up to 10% of the total work, provided that does not amount to more than 20 pages
  • You may not disseminate the copies you make to others, including colleagues, or store the copies on a network, unless the licence held by the trust specifically allows this.

These rules apply to both printed and electronic material, including downloads

Copying and downloading from the Internet

Material on the Internet is protected by copyright law in the same way as material in any other format such as books and paper journals

  • You should not incorporate or distribute copyright material from the Internet without the permission of the copyright holder, e.g. by scanning in diagrams, articles, logos, images, or cutting and pasting from Web sites.
  • You should not download material from the Internet for incorporation into assignments. This could be plagiarism as well as infringement of copyright.
Copyright-paid articles from the British Library

Articles which are required to be shared between colleagues or stored on a network can be supplied on a copyright-paid bases from the British Library. The normal charge for non-NHS library articles will apply in these cases. Please let us know that this is what you need before making the request.

Please consult a member of the Library staff if you have a query concerning copyright.

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