What is Athens? (Download our ATHENS A5 Guide)

A password system that lets you access online resources subscribed to locally by us and nationally via NHS Evidence from any Internet computer. Click here to register on NHS Athens.

Do registrations have to be on a Trust computer and how long does it take?

We recommend that you use a trust e-mail address to register for NHS Athens. This will give you registration without it needing to be verified by library staff. Non-trust e-mail addresses (including will need to be verified by library staff to be certain that you are eligible. If you do not have off-site access to you trust e-mails, then register on a trust computer.  Once registration is complete, resources can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.  You should get an e-mail within 15 minutes containing a link to click to complete the registration process and set up your password.  If this e-mail is not received within 2 hours, please contact the library.

What if I’ve already got another Athens account?

If you are entitled to have an Athens account from another organisation (e.g. University), you will still need our Athens login in order to access the full range of our available subscriptions.

Can I transfer between NHS Trusts?

Yes you can as long as your existing Athens account has not expired.

  • Click here and log in with your existing Athens details.
    • Go to My Account at the top of the page and click Change your organisation and fill in the form to update your work details. 

I’ve had an e-mail saying my Athens account will expire soon. What do I do?

Click the link in the e-mail to request a renewal. Please confirm that you are still working at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. 

I tried to log in to a website with my Athens, but it’s not working!

Please ask the Library staff for assistance. N.B. not all resources that use Athens are subscribed to by the Trust, so it may be that you are trying to get into something that isn’t available.Telephone

Contact Nick  ext 4287 for more information. 


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