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DIFFERENT STAFFED HOURS: LOCKDOWN PERIOD From 9th November 2020 until 2nd December 2020.  See Library News page for staffed times

IMPORTANT: New regulations regarding overdue books and charges are on the LIBRARY NEWS page. 

Please ENSURE that you fill in a COVID Slip EACH TIME you visit the library. Leave the slip for us or post it in the book returns box outside the library door (the wooden NOT the grey metal one!). We will record the time you spent in the Library.

Let’s keep us all safe. 

The library is open 24 hours per day and at weekends

  • Social distancing measures have been imposed. We regret that this means that there are a reduced number of PC workstations and study carrels.
  • Book loans are available but book shelves are closed to members. Please ask staff if you need books.

Space in the library is limited! Please come to the library ONLY if you need to be on-site, or are unable to work at home. Can you use our online services instead? Have a look elsewhere on the website or e-mail / feedback to us to see what is available

  • Please use General Feedback on the website to contact library staff OR E-mail Nicholas.Harden@swft.nhs.uk
  • Warwick Hospital extension 4287 will be available during staffed hours.
  • Do you have a current NHS Athens account? You will need one to access most resources online

– Go to Latest NEWS for details



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